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    Originally Posted by Chip View Post
    Ok that's cool, is there any way to get that shiny charmander and gible in the feature? In what balls will they be caught? I'd like to trade for them or do some EV's. My shinies are: rapidash, mew, shaymin (I won't trade those 2 easily) and I can conjure a gyrados. Beside shinies I also have some lvl 100 and rare pkmn. Let me know something when you're ready.
    Any Pokemon that DOESN'T have a Poke Ball next to it means it's a Poke Ball by default in other words it's most likely bred. Do you know the IVs of all your Pokemon? If they turn out to be something I don't want you can opt out to EV train the ones you want and then just give me a copy back. Or I can do the cloning if you're not able to.
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