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"Well, judging by Li's good mood, you're in need of a uniform and Pokémon. Follow!" Mirelda said, dragging Kai along behind her to a computer screen. She imput a complex password, and navigated through a few screens, stopping when she came to a list reminiscent of a Pokédex.

"Just take your pick from those! I'll be in the fitting room when you're finished!" Mirelda said, and she disappeared behind a dark curtain, into the fitting room.

Kai watched her walk away in to the dark curtain and looked at his options for Pokemon on the computer. The choices were Patrat, Purrloin, Sandile, Scraggy, Trubish, Lilipup, and Roggenrola. "Most of these Pokemon are no where as good as the Sawk I lost, but if I move up in the ranks with one of them, I could become an elite and get Sawk back. I have to make a good conscience choice for my plan to rise in the ranks. So with that being my goal in mind, I shall choose..." Kai presses a button upon the computer and soon a Pokeball is transported in front of him through the computer transporter. He grabs the Pokeball and releases the Pokemon inside. From the pokeball comes a white light that forms into his new Pokemon partner. I small crocodile with brown skin and black stripes. "So you are a Sandile? I chose you because you are a ground type and reminded me of my Gible back home. Let's be great friends." Kai extends his hand to the Sandile that smiles at him then bites his hand. Kai runs around in pain with Sandile on his hand. He then runs into the curtain. "Please get this Pokemon off of me!" He screams.

"You are just in time for me to take your measurements for your uniform." Mirelda said ignoring the screaming Kai.

Kai calms down and returns Sandile to his Pokeball. "Since you're giving me a uniform, could I also possibly get a mask too? I want to protect my image from back home."
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