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Omg, I'd be so excited! (of course I would be so excited about waking up in any region, I mean, pokemon!!!) First I would go find myself a golett. We'd battle through the league gaining other mons along for my team along the way. And when it evolved into a golurk, I would fly on it's back around Unova. I'd visit Accumula, Castelia, Route 4, Nimbasa and Undella first. I'd sit in Accumula and just relax to the beautiful music. In Castelia, I would explore the MASSIVE city, and go on the royal Unova, eat a billion castelia cones, go to the museums etc. I'd then travel to route 4. I love sand, dryness and heat, and seeing the desert pokemon playing would be awesome. I'd also love to explore the ruins of relic castle, and my golurk could chill with a sigilyph! Then I'd reach Nimbasa. I'd watch a game, enjoy the amusement park, and maybe check out a musical, but I don't know, I could see it being weird. Then lastly I'd buy a villa on the beach of Undella, and relax near the water. Maybe I'd also explore the ruins there too! And then I'd take down the league, and become a gym leader of some sort...

Never going back to real life ever.
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