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Originally Posted by Leaf Storm View Post
Wow a lot of people are returning! Great to see y'all back! I guess school is done for some of you all? :D Right after next week I'm done and then it's 6 weeks off for me :3

My new roleplay shall be called Super Smash Bros: Augustine Rush, and I'm still working on dat plot...and still debating whether I should use human versions of the characters or canon characters. I'm leaning towards that, but not sure lol.

What's everyone's opinion towards using canon characters in a roleplay? I'm certain this was asked before. lol
//they all heard that I was coming back, so they all rushed over to worship me. //pfft, modest, lol

Canon characters in the background are okay, and I sometimes do that myself (as I am with the roleplay that I'm reviving), but as far as playing as canon characters . . . Yeah, no. -_- I just really don't like when that happens. I suppose you could call it the ultimate form of bunnying. Even if you manage to not ruin the characters, it's still no fun. :/

@Skymin - overdone! You have no creativity! >:U
Lol, go for it, I guess. It all depends on how you write it, so. . . .