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    “Are you sure you want to be so quick in your choice?” the Professor asked as she gathered a Pokedex and Pokeballs for Kaiba. “There are still other Pokemon on the table in their Pokeballs you can take. That Axew just happened to be out of her Pokeball because I was giving her a check-up.” “No, no other Pokemon will do for me. Just last night I had a dream and this little one’s final evolution was in it. This must be a sign that me and this Axew were meant to be partners.” The Professor was confused about what Kaiba was talking about but she decided that his mind was made up enough that she couldn’t change it. So she gave him his Pokedex made by the LATIOS organization and his Pokeballs and then sent him on his merry way. “Thank you so much for this opportunity!” Kaiba said as he ran out the lab and back to his Hitmonchan’s side.

    Once Kaiba made it back to where the scuffle had began, he found that Hitmonchan had defeated two of the four men’s Pokemon. He thought that Hitmonchan was doing alright. That was until he saw him shaking and breathing quite hard. Hitmoncahn was barely able to put up much more of a fight against his last two opponents, Seviper and Drilbur. “Oh no, he must be out of strength and stamina to continue on like this. We have to help him.” Kaiba pulled out his Pokedex and looked over the moves his Axew knew and contemplated a strategy for helping against Hitmonchan. “This move would definitely help in this kind of bind.” Kaiba pulls out Axew’s Pokeball and throws it into the fray. The Seviper from the guy that was originally jabbed comes at Hitmonchan with a Poison Tail attack. Hitmonchan is unable to move and prepares to be hit. “Now Dragoon, use Protect” released from her Pokeball, Dragoon uses Protect to cast a shield between Seviper and Hitmonchan which sends Seviper flying back into Drilbur.

    Hitmonchan turns around to see Kaiba giving him thumbs up. “Leave the rest to me and my new partner.” Hitmonchan nods and then plants himself on the ground. “You think you can just come in here and interfere with our vengeance, punk.” the man said as he prepared his Drilbur to attack. “I started this mess and I’m going to clean it up for sure. So let’s battle it out!” The men and Kaiba stare each other down. “Drilbur use Metal Claw attack” “Seviper use Haze” “Dragoon, Rock Smash that Metal Claw away.” The Pokemon attack as instructed by their trainers. Seviper sets up a Haze that Drilbur uses as cover to attack Axew with its Metal Claw attack. Dragoon stares at the haze and then notices the sun shining off the metal of Drilbur’s claws. Using this knowledge, she lowers her head as Drilbur dives out of the Haze and smacks him in the stomach with a Rock Smash. This time Drilbur smacks into Seviper. Kaiba watches the Haze clear and notices both Seviper and Drilbur have disappeared. He then notices that the ground is covered with holes that were made by multiple dig attacks. “This is what they must have used to wear out Hitmonchan.”

    As Kaiba realizes this, Seviper pops out of a hole and wraps up Dragoon. Following Seviper wrapping up Dragoon, Drilbur jumps out of the same hole and smacks Dragoon with a Metal Claw. Dragoon flies back. Seviper and Drilbur then disappear into the holes again. “It’s no use for you. This combo toppled even your much stronger Hitmonchan. Your little Axew doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance.” The man says laughing at Axew and Kaiba. “The difference between my Dragoon and Hitmonchan is not just the experience and power, but also their movesets.” Both men look befuddled at Kaiba’s words. “You see, Hitmonchan knows the three punch moves and Mach Punch. Those moves have no real versatility and can only be used up close. However, my Dragoon knows a move that’s quite versatile and turns your little hide and seek strategy into mush.” Dragoon looks back at Kaiba waiting on his orders.

    “Now Dragoon, get close to one of those holes and shoot your strongest Dragon Rage into it!”

    Dragoon nods and shoots her Dragon Rage into a hole created by Drilbur. Before the men can react back, Dragon Rages are shooting out of all the holes. “Your Pokemon are forever trapped in this Dragon Rage Cage!” The men look on in shock as they watch both Seviper and Drilbur come out of the holes and then immediately faint. “That’s the game!” Kaiba said as he walked over to Hitmonchan and Axew. The four men, run away. “Hitmonchan, I’m sorry you had to do so much for me, but I really appreciate it. I’ll be going on my journey now, but make sure you get home and to a Pokemon Center asap.” Hitmonchan nods to Kaiba. He then extends his fist to which him and Kaiba share a fist bump. He then turns to Dragoon and ask the same thing. Dragoon fist bumps with Hitmonchan as well.

    Kaiba and Dragoon then make their way out of the city and on to their first route. “And so it begins, Dragoon.”
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