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trans = auto join
I'd like to join. Reading some of the posts here are very insightful, information-wise and mentally. And if I can at all contribute to discussions I will.

Originally Posted by PhantomX0990 View Post
I'm just wondering if anyone has an opinion. I'm trying to sort my thoughts here.
I feel like you shouldn't be trying to categorize yourself, and neither should anyone else. Gender and sexuality are treated with such concrete boundaries, I don't think it's completely fair. There are those who don't fit into a specific category and the limited number of "terms/categories" does force some people to move around until they feel like they fit with a certain group, which isn't necessary at all. You sound very confident in who you are, saying you never doubt yourself at all, so I think that's all that matters. Disregard not knowing exactly how you're defined in the eyes of others, or even how you define yourself because in the end I don't think it should matter, you know who you are.

That's all I got. Sounds kinda negative not to mention roundabout reading back through my response, hope I don't come across that way.