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Ash why do you have seven Pokemon listed there. Especially one: you always have Pikachu and two: you use Pikachu in the match. I'm going to assume they are showing us Pokemon from both his match with Kotetsu as well as his match with Stephan.


That said looking at the images it looks like Ash wins? Which means he'll likely be losing to Vergil. ..... or maybe Ash will actually be able to win a league for once. Guess we'll see that and whether people's predictions are correct and we see a new eeveelution. I'm guessing if we don't see a silhouette or anything during that episode's preview we're not getting one because they would obviously want to hype such a thing.

(On a side note: the three images in the spoiler don't seem to work. But I already saw the images on tumblr so I know what they contain haha.)
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