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    I own both the Japanese Green and Japanese Red versions.

    I have Green because my family used to live in Japan, but we moved to the US in 2001 (not worth mentioning as much, but my brother owns a Japanese Silver version that no longer saves, along with a Japanese version of that Pokemon Pinball game with the rumble thingy).

    I have Red because I won it on eBay several months ago. It came with the box, instruction manual (containing REALLY OLD artwork that looks awesome - did you guys know that the sprites in the Japanese Red/Green versions that everyone thinks looks horrible are actually based off of the VERY FIRST Sugimori art of these Pokemon? They're different from the slightly newer Sugimori art that they started using in 1998 with the Japanese Blue version and the English Red/Blue releases), and most importantly, it came with a huge poster of artwork depicting the entire Kanto region, labeled with it's Japanese names and all. It's pretty awesome.
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