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Originally Posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow View Post
@Nakuzumi: Because Goku vs Anne Frank can only end in two ways--Really bad fanfiction or brain numbingly stupid combat.

But yeah. I don't see any issue with expanding the cast somewhat, but not having limits is probably not a great idea because it would get tedious making overpowered / underpowered characters balanced.

Then again, I'm bias against extra work because I'll probably just nab Princess Peach and sneeze my way across the horizon.
It's a simple matter of balancing with strength proportionally to ability, it's really what these types of games are about, and there are tons of games that do it (and do it well).

In the case of "Goku vs. Anne Frank"...well, it's a great parallel but it doesn't really work. Not because of the power differences, that's beyond obvious, but because Anne has no fighting capability at all. A good example would be DON (Dragon Ball One Piece Naruto). While the latter two could be measured around equally in strength...well, pretty much the entire included cast could destroy the Earth with little effort, and justifiably so. The reason it works is because all of the included characters have incredible (or above average) fighting prowess and a good repertoire in terms of abilities and attacks, making it easy to simply imply their true strength and scale down.

Of course, as Ozzy and Nakuzami said, you could simply add attacks from their source to make the already interesting character suitable for such a battleground (ie. Sackboy and Game and Watch). Heck, you could make Anne Frank an interesting fighter (though it'd be a stretch, there's not much that you could add without her being a complete betrayal). Then, it's simply a matter of scaling up.
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