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Originally Posted by Jeikobu View Post
Is there even any point in getting the medals other than showing off?

With the Dojo in Join Avenue, are Vitamins outdated now?

Also, does it matter how leveled up in EVs a Pokemon already is when getting training at a Dojo? If I wait too long will it be too late to get benefits from the Dojo EV training?
Medals question: No, not really. They don't upgrade your trainer card or anything.

Vitamins question: No, you can only use a specific Dojo/Cafe service once a day. So the quickest way to EV train is to buy a set of Vitamins from the Mart, use those to get to 100 EVs and then finish off with Dojo/Cafe services.

Third question: No, they can bring the EVs all the way up to 255 (not like you'd want 255 anyway but yeah~).
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