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    Originally Posted by Blazing Inferno View Post
    Hey this looks great but looking at your map you seem to not have any snow or ice on it. Is that just because you don't have the colours. If so, I could give the one I use to you.

    Good luck with the game.

    I have plenty of snow/ice tiles, and desert, and beach, and swamp, and underwater, I just have yet to use them. The hometown is in a very basic part of the region. I am trying to not make too many maps before I actually am ready for them. Thanks for the offer though.

    Originally Posted by Ęℓαчиıı View Post
    You certainly can, just upload it to you own image host as I'll be deleting it from my Dropbox to save some space. I'm not a spriter, but, if I have some time I would be up for doing a little art for this game; I'm backed up on commissions right now, so I'll be busy for a long time.
    Will do. I will do that right away. Thanks for the offer. I have a great spriter for trainers right now, but if i need anything, and can't find someone, i will definitely come to you.