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While Milky Holmes does have a higher priority for the booster pack, Sword Art Online has started too.

Weiss Schwarz

Time of Confrontation Sharo
Level 1, Cost 1, Pow 6000, Soul 1
[AUTO] You can only activate this ability once per turn. When a card gets put into your Level Zone, this card gets Power +1500 for the turn.
[AUTO] [(1)] When this card attacks, if "Return of Toys" is in the climax slot, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose an opponent's Level 1 or lower character in the front row and send it to the waiting room. Then, this card gets Power +2000 for this turn.
Not too bad, to be honest. Climax synergy kill and boost makes it pretty good. Looks like one of the set's themes is going to be Level slot swapping too and things triggering off things going into the Level slot.


Beginning of Battle Asuna
Level 0, Cost 0, Pow 3000, Soul 1
Beginning of the SAO previews, and illustrated by abec too :3 Just a vanilla Level 0 otherwise.


Kimono Elly
Level 0, Cost 0, Pow 500, Soul 1
[AUTO] Bond/Kimono Cordelia [Send the top card of your deck to clock] (When this card comes into play, you may pay the cost. If you do, search your waiting room for a "Kimono Cordelia" and put it in your hand.)
[ACT] [Set two of your characters to Rest] Choose one of your characters. For the turn, they get Power +1000.
Not too bad, considering the bond target. Having it being a 0 AND the bond being no stock cost means a better field advantage early on. Alternatively, you can use this to level up if you start the turn at 5 damage (1 Clock Step damage & you don't have to be able to resolve the ability in order to activate an ability for a cost.)


Kimono Cordelia
Level 0, Cost 0, Pow 2500, Soul 1
[CONT] During the opponent's turn, if you have "Kimono Elly", this card gets Power +2000
4500 if you have the other card (above). Seeing as the bond is free of stock, the combo's not too bad.


Battle Sister Chai
Grade 0, Trigger: Heal
(Can only have 4 Heal triggers in a deck.)

Battle Sister Tiramisu
Grade 0, Trigger: Draw
To be honest, aside from the fact that they're Vanilla triggers and that they have "Battle Sister" in the name, there are better options (Return Heals and Soul -> Draw)

Continuing the Giraffa chain, displays the ability to keep units rested. The weakness to this ability is the opponent can just place a new unit in its place standing or use abilities to make them stand.