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I don't think they overloaded on Dragons, they are badass-looking and one of the best types to use due to the fact they can hit most types hard due to STAB. I actually liked Reshiram and Zekrom's designs and I think their type combinations suit them cos well, they look very dragon-like (and the color of their bodies and eyes is even a Yu-Gi-Oh! shout-out) and well, Reshiram's tail generates fire while Zekrom's generates electricity.

I also like how unique their types are, particularly Zekrom's Dragon/Electric which has to be one of the most unusual but awesome type combinations ever. And unlike Golurk, I would never imagine Zekrom as part Fighting. If I could change the duo's types I would've made Reshiram Psychic/Fire or Zekrom Dark/Electric but as Golurk stated it wouldn't go with the yin-yang motif so I guess that's why they made them share a Dragon-type and be resistant (and weak) to each other.

Also, Reshiram has a good offensive typing since almost Dragon/Fire is able to at least hit any type for neutral or super-effective damage.
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