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Yeah, when americans get straightforward with their sexual 'comedy' though it's never funny, at least not like animes. in fact it comes off as crude ******** that makes absolutely no sense.

In some cases, weirdness is just exaggerated but then...sometimes stuff like this happens.

I understand taking a joke a little too far...but this is just...*sigh*

I'll admit that anime has a lot of weird stuff in general, we put emphasis on it because well, we're not used to it.
When I think "ninja" I think a guy in all black clothes chucking ninja stars around and silently killing their enemy. Not a loudmouthed bullheaded moron running around in an orange jumpsuit....
(In case you don't notice I'm being sarcastic to make my point a bit more clear lol I like Naruto, just not as much as I used to)

I like when anime gets weird, when it's used as comic relief, but when it's weird to be makes me cringe.
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