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I was asking Luke about past S&M things which could be done now about making BC active, and he said that getting the forum as active as before probably won't happen, but not really being involved much in wifi is leaving a lot of people out, and that's kind of true. Pretty much all of Trade Corner is wifi (obv) and over here there's a lot of concentration on simulators but less on wifi, and although overall simulator play is favoured, it's leaving out a part of PC that could potentially really get involved here. If we all started working on wifi strategies, created wifi discussions and did battle simulator stuff too, it might make the others feel more a part of the community. so idk I think going towards wifi a bit might definitely help out activity forum-wise, as server activity definitely isn't a problem, and could create a larger userbase. Like if we just concentrated on doubles or nothing else it'd probably work out pretty well, tbh. Well, not really now, because I was thinking once doubles support comes on PS, then we can test the teams out, ask trade to kindly RNG them, and do what wifi would do to ladder... which'd be random matchup! Then from that discuss strategies and things here, which'd also help kick off wifi tournies too, as the colours tourney has a lot less participants compared to battle to the death etc. So it'd be singles for simulator and doubles for wifi, allowing the forum and server to benefit from both, rather than the stage BC itself is sitting in where none of the single regs really post unless they're told to, while E&G is thriving etc.

Also Touj suggested...

[14:04:33] ☆ <@Toujours> make a TC/BC randbat thing
[14:04:46] ☆ <@Toujours> where it's like an egg swap, and then they hatch the eggs and fight with them
[14:04:47] ☆ <@Toujours> imo

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