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    There were a lot of other people in the tournament and Ash faces off against Trip, Stephan and Kotetsu pretty early in it seems. We can't even say Ash will make top 8 this time, Virgil may lose after beating Ash after all.

    I'm unfortunately one of the people that believe that if Ash wins, the Anime ends so the writers will purposefully make him lose at some point near the end just to keep the story going. We won't know what place he makes until the tournament ends.

    As for what's next, the League ends the Journey for that region. Really can't say they won't end it, but Gen 5 isn't something that's easy to predict. If they reset the Anime like they did the games, then there are many possibilities for Ash on how far he'll make it. Course as a double edged sword he may pull another Kanto. Ash met Ritchie just before entering the League and loses to him right before they start the real battles. Virgil can be this generation's Ritchie.

    What I'm pretty much waitin for now is to see if Virgil's Eevee evolves into something new or if someone mentions another region to give Ash a reason to keep going rather than go back to Kanto like Team Rocket did.
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