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I won't be surprised if Ash only makes it to the top eight, top four, etc. However, while it's expected I will still be disappointed because that would mean that Ash didn't win a single tournament in Unova. Which is well ... disappointing. Even more so that he almost won the PWT-JC only to lost against Trip who he then wins against in the prelims of the League.

What I want to know right now is where exactly are they in the league when Ash faces Stephan and Kotetsu. Obviously out of the prelims by how many Pokemon the have, but have they gotten to the last thirty-two? sixteen? I can't see to figure that out. if anyone happens to know though, I would love know. It might give us a little more in-sight in where Ash is after his win against Kotetsu and what's going to happen with the battle against Virgil.

But other than that I'm also waiting to see if Virgil's Eevee is going to evolve and if they are going to give us hints on what's going to happen after the League is done with.
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