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    Lilligant, oh so much. She's the only permanent member of my current lineup who's from Gen V (the other one from Gen V, Hydreigon, I sometimes switch out). Hell, I like to think of her as the team mom. Hydreigon for that matter isn't bad, and I tend to partner him up with my Garchomp whenever I do PWT. Zoroark isn't bad either, even if he's a bit too squishy for my tastes.

    Unfavorites..? Basculin (even MORE common than Magikarp, who could at least evolve into something usable), Watchog ('nuff said), Druddigon (same), Garbodor (everyone else already said it) and Foongus/Amoongus (Y U PARALYZE/POISON MY GIBLE D8<)

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