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I've beaten Bugsy, here's how it happened.
So far my Pokemon I've caught so far(of course, they are boxed).
Falkner - Geodude(Sprout Tower was hard )
Bugsy - Magnemite
Whitney - Croagunk
Jasmine - Cyndaquil(Typhlosion)
Pryce - Aron(Aggron)
Clair - Swablu(Altaria)
Karen(Round 1) - Torchic(Blaziken)
Lance(Round 1) - Gible(Garchomp)
Erika - Flareon(I already used the Fire Stone the the Sprout Tower Sage on him)
Lance(Round 2) - Bagon(Salamence)

- I started, named myself Storm.
- I picked with Cyndaquil, I also received Eevee from Cynthis in front of Mr. PKMN's house, boxed it..
- After the Mr. Pokemon part, I lost to ???(on purpose), named him Sacred.
- I caught Geodude on Route 46, solo'd with him until I beat Falkner.
- I caught a Magnemite on Route 32, solo'd with him until I beat Bugsy, I also received Torchic from a dude in Azalea's Pokemon Center.
- I also decided to catch a few Pokemon ahead of time on the way and boxed them.
- So, I caught a Bagon, Gible, and Aron in union cave, and Croagunk and Swablu on Route 33.
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