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Originally Posted by KyX View Post
Hi, i have a problem with a SetMapTile Script.


#org 0x80263C
compare 0x5064 0x64
if 0x1 goto 0x880271D
setmaptile 0xD 0x3 0x315 0x1
setmaptile 0xE 0x3 0x310 0xC
setmaptile 0xF 0x3 0x311 0xC
setmaptile 0x10 0x3 0x312 0xC
setmaptile 0x11 0x3 0x313 0xC
setmaptile 0x12 0x3 0x314 0xC
setmaptile 0x13 0x3 0x31D 0x1

setmaptile 0xE 0x4 0x318 0xC
setmaptile 0xF 0x4 0x319 0xC
setmaptile 0x10 0x4 0x31A 0xC
setmaptile 0x11 0x4 0x31B 0xC
setmaptile 0x12 0x4 0x31C 0xC

setmaptile 0xE 0x2 0x2EF 0x1
setmaptile 0xF 0x2 0x31F 0x1
setmaptile 0x10 0x2 0x294 0x1
setmaptile 0x11 0x2 0x2EE 0x1
setmaptile 0x12 0x2 0x31F 0x1

setmaptile 0xE 0x1 0x299 0x1
setmaptile 0xF 0x1 0x31F 0x1
setmaptile 0x10 0x1 0x28C 0x1
setmaptile 0x11 0x1 0x2EF 0x1
setmaptile 0x12 0x1 0x31F 0x1
sound 0x8
special 0x8E
moveoffscreen 0x1
setvar 0x5064 0x64

#org 0x80271D

The movement of some blocks doesn't apply correctly.

As you can see there are 10 blocks witch C movement flag (you can pass). but ingame i'st like having 01 (you can't pass).

Coords are corrects, i have checked them 2 times. I don't know whats going on.
The movement permission in the setmaptile command only has two settings: passable and impassable. Unfortunately it doesn't sync up with Advance Map's movement permissions because setting it to anything but 0x0 will prevent you from walking on it. So to have your tiles function they way you want them to, just change your 0xC values to 0x0.