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Originally Posted by WolfOfEve View Post
machomuu, Game&Watch is alredy a character :D
Exactly, that was really my point. Sackboy isn't exactly a "fighter" character either, but they use things from LBP to make him an adequate fighting character. Same goes for Game&Watch, having seen and played many Game&Watch games, he's not so much a fighter as he is...pretty much anything else. It's for that reason that his integration as a fighter in SSBM was so interesting, because, in reality, he wasn't a fighter, but they made him one.

@Yellow - You mean SSB? I've been a fan since the beginning, as well as Zelda, if that's what you were referring to (well, not since the beginning, but since Link's Awakening, so fairly long). Plus I've been following PBR pretty well and played a good bit of DON, I know what I'm talking about (especially when it comes to the aforementioned). Gaming is probably my favorite hobby and I don't say things definitively unless I know that they are fact, I know what I'm doing.
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