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    Originally Posted by SamuJake View Post
    Hope this is the right place. I am going to buy some Pokemon games (Diamond, Pearl or Heart Gold and Soul silver on DS) off ebay and I'm sure they're from the US. I live in Australia, and use a 3DS. My question is, will they work on my Australian 3ds? thanks.

    Also the games codes have: NTR-IPKE-USA they all end in USA.
    I've bought games from the U.S. with the code ending in U.S.A. and they have worked on my Australian DS. I haven't tried on my 3DS yet as I've mainly been playing Pokemon and 3D games. Though none of the games I bought were Pokemon, I prefer to buy those in store, that way I can chat to the owner. Anyway, I can test it if you want?

    As for the Ninetales vs. Masquerain, even though I think Masquerain looks pretty, I would have to pick Ninetales, she (he, it?) has more grace and majesty.