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I guess it could be pretty interesting, but I don't think Gamefreak would dare do such a thing considering all the hate that'd come from the previous gen obsessers, since they know how much it means to them that the old Pokemon stay intact. I guess they'd been able to get around adding in evolutions to several of the less notable Pokemon or the weak ones, considering that isn't a big a deal, but if a completely new evolutionary line was added to the starters apart from the first stage Pokeon, any of them, then I think there'd be a lot of ranting, and I don't think it'd change much rather than giving us a new view. I mean what if it swayed completely in another direction than what we see in those Pokemon. Taking something like the Charizard line and make the alternate line end with a completely different, small and cute Pokemon, would kinda ruin the view on the entire Pokemon family for some :/

But anyway, it's an interesting idea, although the topic may have fit better into the Starter club ;)
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