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    Roxie's all there in terms of not only being a Gym Leader, but the lead singer for a band that's (in game) supposed to be totally completely stupendously awesome. She's pretty young and yet her message is a good one: You can split responsibility, but only if you can handle it! It ain't easy! That really resonated with me and made me think she was a pretty cool leader. Thus, she's my favorite Leader in B2/W2.

    For the love of Mike, why is Marlon so... Vacant? Unlike some gym leaders who are missing due to taking on duties or personal agendas(Misty's date, Roark's mining, Giovanni's... scheming?), Marlon is more or less described as constantly swimming off for no real reason. As far as I can remember, he doesn't even /give/ a reason. It may be true that other Leaders skive off for relatively weak reasons when they should really be in the Gym doing their job, but Marlon takes this to a whole new level. The first time you meet him, he's been swimming around. Then, right after you beat him, he /again/ vacates his position to go and /swim around/. Finally, I feel his dialogue speaks for itself. This is not a gym leader, I truly want to know /how/ he became a gym leader from all of the work he doesn't do(the whole trifle with Team Plasma doesn't count because he did that on a whim).

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