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Okay, so I'm pretty sure that's gonna be Grimmjow there in Urahara's tent. Would make the most sense, really.

And it seems like Ganjo will be looking differentl-
...Oh, he has the antagonist-mullet. Aaaand he's with the backsides of three dead fullbringers. (Ginjo, Ganjo. Inbf they're the same guy) I'm thinking they'll just be short-lived, Kubo-style BS fakes, actually I'm hoping they will. But, uh. I guess they might actually be the real deal ("WE WERE JUST HOLDING BACK. ILLUSIONS, ETC. FOR HOW LONG WERE YOU UNDER THE IMPRESSION THAT..."). Having Arrancars and possibly Aizen back is cool, but bringing the fullbring into this I don't like the sound of.

They just feel like filler arc characters. No furblingers pls.