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Favourites would have to be Foongus and Sewaddle, I freaking love both of those Pokémon so much <3 They're so cute and adorable and quirky and omg I want them. Sewaddle evolves into such a cool and powerful Pokémon whilst still remaining rather cute and incredibly quirky whereas Foongus - well, just look carefully at it's animated sprite and you'll see exactly why I love it so much lmao. As for least favourites, hmm... Cryogonal, Pansear, Panpour, Klink, Klang, Klinklang, Crustle, Accelgor, Shelmet, Vanillite, Vanillish, Vanilluxe, Chandalure, Throh, Sawk, Genesect, Meloetta, Oshawott, Patrat, Watchog, Stoutland, Frillish, Basculin, Alomomola, etc etc etc. Basically I wasn't a fan of most Gen V Pokémon. xD
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