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    I like Bulbasaur cuz hes my fav grass type due to the different attributes and tools it has in its arsenal and being blindingly cute throughout its evolutionary line. Second is Sawsbuck because it reminds me of nature and he looks like a very handsome pokemon akin to its real like counterpart.
    Password: Strongest grass type attack is Frenzy- jk Leaf Storm
    Topic Answer:
    On the Anime, which grass-type Pokemon do you find the cutest? Toughest?
    EEerr...excluding the irrationality of 5th gen i'd say...Torterra. Namely Paul's Torterra. Very strong, powerfull and a tank.

    What halloween costume would look good on your Partner Pokemon? (both of them!) Be creative :D
    xD I'd could envision dressing Bulbasaur up in a Metta Knight costume(From the Kirby series) with the mask, ballon sword attacked to his side and a cape that he uses his vines to extend to emulate Metta Knight's wings

    I can also see Sawsbuck dressing up as a dark horse from the headless horsemen.