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Diary 1. Kanto Region.

I left my house to walk to the store at the nearby town of Viridian for a moomoo milkshake. Just as I was about to step into the grass my neighbor, Mr. Oak, came screaming up to me saying it was dangerous. Now, I may be mute but I doubt a couple of skittish rattata and small pidgey are going to hurt me. I think I remember my mom telling me that Mr. Oak needed to see me anyways so I follow him back to his lab.

Standing at the back next to a table of pokeballs was Mr. Oaks grandson, Clu. He's been trying to best me at everything since we were babies. Mr. Oak had called both of us here to give us each a pokemon from his personal collection. I chose the grass type, Bulbasaur, while my rival chose Charmander, a fire type. As I turned to leave, Clu decided we should battle.

I tossed out my ball and what came out wasn't what Mr. Oak remembered. There, standing in front of my rivals Charmander was a Raichu. Without even thinking about it I was on the attack. The Charmander didn't seem to like the electricity and went down after a couple of Thundershocks, with my Raichu only receiving a couple of scratches. Clu looked rather upset and I just grinned as I took his allowance for winning the match.

This time I left and finally made it to the market for my milkshake. Just as I was about to pay for it, the clerk instead gave me a package for Mr. Oak, along with a message to say hi. Saddened by my lack of sweet milkshake goodness, I made my way back to Mr. Oaks lab to deliver his parcel, which turned out to be a custom pokeball. Around this time Clu decided to drop back by.

Once he arrived Mr. Oak asked us to do the most ridiculous thing ever. Live his dream for him. He has tasked Clu and myself with finishing up an encyclopedia of all pokemon species on the region called a Pokedex. Clu had no problem with this and promptly told me to shove off and smell you later. I decided that Tron, my Raichu, and I would do our best to complete this before him too.

So I once again left for Veridian, after telling my mom of course, and headed once again to get my milkshake. Milkshake in hand, I made my way to Viridian forest. I've brought extra provisions just in case we get lost. This is where I'll leave this entry for now.

Diary 2. Kanto Region

Viridian forest proved to have little difficulty as I didn't even need to heal going through it. After emerging I bought a couple of potions and headed to Pewter gym at level 12.

Fun fact, rock and ground types are immune to electric. So I white out and decided to go level up. While wandering around Viridian Forest I caught a Pikachu and named it Grid, it was then shoved into the box at the Pokemon Center. At level 18 I decided to take on the gym again. After a lot of tail wagging and quick hits, the Boulder Badge was ours.

From there I made my way to Mt. Moon. All the battles on the way proved easy and I only stopped at the Pokemon center to restore PP. Mt. Moon is full of Geodudes. Even at a level 20 it was taking a tail wag and two quick hits to put down a level 8. A little ways through I started to encounter Team Redundant. At the end I take out the nerd and he decides to share his Dome Fossil with me. I like Kabuto/Kabutops so I'm gonna make it into my HM slave once I can revive it.

After I've emerged from Mt. Moon I head straight to the Nugget Bridge forgetting that I'll run into Clu. Surprisingly enough, all his Pokemon fall to a single Thunderbolt. After that I heal up and take on all 4 Pokemon at Cerulean Gym. They all fall to single Thundershocks and at this point I'm feeling good and take on Nugget Bridge without healing. At the end of it I'm a level 26 and it's on to Bills house.

I head on without healing still and regret it when I run into a hiker with three Geodudes. After that I head back, heal, and make my way all the way to Bills house. I encounter a disturbing Clefairy human thing as I enter and realize it's Bill in an expiriment gone horribly wrong. After extracting the bubbly pink DNA he hands me a ticket for the S.S. Anne as thanks. I thought he gave you an Eevee but maybe that's a different game.

After that I head to Vermillion and the cruise ship. Before boarding I grab the bike ticket from the Pokemon fan club and then it's off to see the captain for our first HM.

Going through the S.S. Anne is pretty short, although it is full of battles and useful items. I decided to forego healing again and do the whole thing in one go. I found Clu at the end of the ship again, and again, his team fell to Thunderbolts. I noticed the Captain was rather seaside so I rubbed his back to make him feel better. In exchange he gave me HM 01, Cut. After leaving the ship it sailed away, never to be heard from again.

I decided from here to go back up and get the bike for easier travel. I also grab Grid from the box, and upon learning she nor Thor can learn Cut, release her and search for a Pokemon that can learn it.

Next time, We'll see who I find to take Grids place.

Level: 35
Nature: Naive

HP: 102
Attack: 75
Defense: 54
Special Attack: 75
Special Defense: 55
Speed: 97

Tail Whip (Tail Wiggle)
Quick Attack

Fun filled fact about Raichu in Leaf Green. They don't learn a single move. So your only way of learning anything is through the Move Tutor, TMs, or HMs. I've just made it through Mt. Moon so I'll post that tonight, probably in a different format.
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