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    Originally Posted by Ach7AC View Post
    I am already abreast of Japanese and their stereotypical... weirdness.
    Honestly, this is just because the Japanese do not have overly puritan standards like Americans and Europeans do. So Japanese media can titillate their audiences with as much innuendo as they want without creating much controversy.
    *snicker* bad puns are bad with bold words :3

    I do understand that much, I just don't understand what the hell goes through their mind when they come up with these moments. The ones that are intended to be funny (like the Canaan clip and the Monochromatic clip) I understand, it's just comic relief. But when sh*t is straight up weird (Bobobobobobobobo bah! you know what I mean :/ ) it just makes me go "whaaaaaaa o_o" and sit there confused as hell for three minutes lol

    I do like that they go the extra mile and are balsy enough to make said jokes. Hell I'm glad they're straightforward enough that you can even get what the 'joke' is. For example, we don't know those really were meat buns until the very last minute. But the guy that said it didn't find out. I get the "that's what makes it funny!" aspect, but I dunno.

    =-= random joke time
    Question: what do ya call megaman playing classic video games
    A: A Contra-versy!

    Sorry....I had to after reading that one word...
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