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    I don't take it seriously, I see no reason to get worked up over a competitive battle. Sometimes the battles aren't even fun because people are always using the same Pokemon over and over or uber teams. What's the fun in battling the same Pokemon over and over? I mean you don't gotta use a Raichu over A Zapdos or a Golem over a Rhyperior but spread your team out. There's more than 2 electric types and Ground/Rock types. Everyone acts like those are the only 2 Pokemon that belong to those types when theres plenty more you can use competitive. No you don't gotta use a Zebstrika or Jolteon, cos Ampharos works just fine.

    I like to mix things up in my teams. I also don't just have 1 team, I have a whole box full. (well did recently reset game) My fire Pokemon may be Arcanine, Houndoom, Blaziken, etc but I use them according to my team. I usually take them out if I need speed, Sp. Atk, Attack, or both speed and Attack/Sp.Atk it just depends on my other team and if they're needed. Sometimes they aren't even needed. But lots of people just pick 6 Pokemon and stick to them and half of the other people use the same exact Pokemon. Me I'm different, you can't foreshadow my Pokemon cos I use so many.

    So no I don't take it seriously, I usually like to battle my friends or friends I communicate with on Pokemon forums, and not to mention I got so many strategies for each team it don't make no sense. I have Attack, speed, and Defense on my team, and I think they are all very helpful incase I run into some trouble halfway through a battle.