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    I'm new to these forums, but I've been PBP'ing for a while now. Hope you don't mind me applying~

    Name: Tiffany Mimer
    Nickname: "Red"
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Region: Kanto

    Appearance: Red grew up tall and healthy on the harbor of Vermillion City, working with the water and the dock-workers to give her an athletic form. Her pampered skin bears the tan of years beneath the sun, but is rarely seen bearing make-up. Despite the lack of ornamentation on her skin, she likes to decorate her hair and outfits with whatever colorful materials or dyes she can find. Her eyes are embers that shift with subtle emotions, which are only hidden when she's focused.

    While her fascination with colors gives the young woman a varied wardrobe, she prefers to base it on those of a schoolgirl; they're practical and take only a few adjustments to be made formal. However, one unchanging aspect is the cap she wears, in honor of the namesake who first stood up to Team Rocket.

    Personality: Red is hard-working and devoted to her personal mission, with a heartlessness borne of events before it began. She detests her foes with a viciousness not befitting of somebody her age, and will share in whispers the lack of mercy she'll give to any of Team Rocket's goons. Even with this hatred, she treats most she meets with rationality in her mind and a courteous bow. She also inherited what her father called a "storyteller's heart", and will listen to almost any tale while waiting to proclaim her own.

    History: Red was born in Vermillion City to a retired Ranger and the sailor who stole his heart. From a young age, she was taught the value of hard work by delivering messages across the harbor and listening to her father's "war stories". At school, she was a good student whose stories could fascinate, even though she embellished the details. Likewise, she followed the adventures of trainers on television and whatever magazines she could find, with a longing for distant lands fostered by her sailor mother.

    Unfortunately for her, Kanto was one of the first regions taken over by Team Rocket and the news of her favorite trainer, Red, failing to stop them broke the eleven year old's heart. As they swarmed over Kanto, one set of officer's deemed it necessary to take away her father's old Ranger companion, who she'd known since childhood. Her father was willing to let it go, for the sake of his family, but she'd been taught to treat people fairly, and chewed the Grunts out with cusses overheard at the harbor.

    Of course, Team Rocket couldn't beat thirteen year old in view of the public, so they hired a few of the rough students from her school to do it for them. The schoolgirls assaulted her during a job, where her skin was branded with cigarettes and body beaten by their numbers. Red kept her grudge hidden within, while she trained herself and studied twice as hard on Pokemon in the hopes that both could defeat the vile students who'd bullied her, and Team Rocket behind it.

    Throughout this, the tale of the fallen boy known as Red repeated over and over again in her head; if he had the courage, so could she. Over a year, she took her revenge on the schoolgirl gang who defeated her by singling them out and defeating them one-on-one, with fighting styles she'd innocently asked her father about, and stole their money to fund her bigger goal: To defeat Team Rocket, in the name of her parents, herself, and Red.

    Legendary Pokemon: Moltres
    Password: T. NPC. One.
    Other: A side-goal of Red's is to find out what happened to the original Red.
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