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Originally Posted by EvilSkittles View Post
1. I'm biased and most of the time my main character is male, especially for an adventure type of story. A heroin usually just does not feel right to me. Is that stranger or does anyone else feel that way?
I used to be that way when I was little even though I was a girl, mostly because the adventure books I read were disproportionately about boys. It's not strange, but it isn't good.

A while ago I started doing a thing where every time my brain is going to make a character male or female, I stop and try switching them to the other gender in my head. Often I actually like them better that way. It's a good thing to do; the lack of developed female characters in fiction is largely because authors unconsciously perpetuate the disparity by making characters male by default unless their role is gendered female (e.g. love interest, damsel in distress). The best way to fight the tendency is to break the mold consciously until there's enough fictional precedent for the unconscious bias to fade.

As for anonymous gender, that's best done naturally in first person. If you're avoiding gendered pronouns in third person, it can easily get conspicuous and fake, unless the narrator explicitly describes the character as being of ambiguous gender and uses "he or she" or "the figure" in a genuinely uncertain way.
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