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    I'm not buying it, simple as that. He may be telling the truth but theres not enough evidince to convince me otherwise. There's so many factors that it could be, out of body experience, dream, lucid dream, etc. In an out of body experience, if handled right you can do or believe what you want even though it's not true. Lucid dreams are the same exact way but it's only with the mind. I really find it hard to believe someone actually seen the afterlife, and this brings science into the equation.

    Some people go by science as they're answers for religion, and science hasn't found anything to prove heaven, God, or Jesus exists. Christians only believe in God or Jesus through the bible, belief, or maybe the way they were raised. I myself am a christain but I don't follow religion, and I have my doubs about things but It's all my belief that God of Jesus is real. But, he could be telling the truth or he could be lying. I kinda agree with droomph's theory tho.
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