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So this is a pretty simple question, but I'm hoping you guys come up with some impressive and creative answers! In the storyline of BW, the Hilbert/Hilda had finally reached Team Plasma's castle. They had faced N, beat him and after Ghetsis' confession went on to battle Ghetsis...and lost. The fate of the Unova region which rested on Hilbert/Hilda is now in control of Ghetsis.

So basically, what do you think would happen to the Unova region if Hilbert/Hilda had lost against Ghetsis? How would Team Plasma go about taking over the region? What would N and hilbert/hilda do? And what about the gym leaders/the elite four?

And also, how would this be different if Hilbert/Hilda lost to N, and Ghetsis' real motive wasn't revealed. Would the public be more accepting of Team Plasma's plans? Would Team Plasma be able to take over the Unova more effectively, or more ineffectively? Would N have a change of heart?

Discuss! Please be thorough and inventive! :D

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