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    Updating again.

    -Travelled up Cycling Road and arrived in Celadon City

    -Challenged Celadon City Gym Leader Erika
    -Blizzard OHKO Jumpluff
    -Blizzard OHKO Tangrowth
    -Blizzard OHKO Meganium
    -Sheer Cold managed to make contact with Bellossom
    -Psychic OHKO Victreebel
    -Blizzard OHKO Leafeon
    -Leader Erika was defeated

    -Received the Rainbow Badge and TM19 Giga Drain
    -Registered Erika in the PG

    -Challenged Fuchsia City Gym Leader Janine
    -Psychic OHKO Ariados
    -Thunderbolt OHKO Drapion
    -Thunderbolt OHKO Venomoth
    -Psychic OHKO Toxicroak
    NB: Of course it was going to take it out in one hit. 1: I used a Psychic-Type move, 2: STAB from a Psychic-Type Pokemon, 3: the power of Psychic, 4: Quadruple damage from Toxicroak being both Poison and Fighting-Types.
    -Thunderbolt OHKO Qwilfish
    -Psychic OHKO Weezing
    -Leader Janine was defeated

    -Received the Soul Badge and TM84 Poison Jab
    -Registered Janine in the PG
    -Saved progress for now

    Team is unchanged.
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