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    Originally Posted by Mononoke Hime View Post
    Though I have never seen this video, I have to disagree with you. In every decade people talk about music being worse and stuff like that. Then years ago people were asking the same question.
    The thing here is about what kind of music you're talking about. If it's about mass-oriented music, so yep, they have the same structure according with their genres.
    But if you're talking about something much bigger, something that extends to all kinds of music, then definitively there's a mistake in thinking that in the future all songs will seem similar.

    As you said, there's a infinity of combinations and sounds, melodies, and I must say that technology is helping a lot in this situation, creating even more possibilities.
    Well I'm not saying music will get worse by any means. I'm saying that if we, to put it in the words of the video, "exhaust all" the different combinations of sounds that can go into a song, there will eventually be a point where innovation becomes extremely difficult. Of course this applies to all genres of music. The video goes so far to include conversations as even an arrangement of sounds. Not to mention this will take place over millions of years. The rate at which music is changing is pretty astonishing at this moment, but how different will it be 1000 years from now? The songs won't all seem similar, but rather similar to songs from the past.

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