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    Darn it, Caribou was saved...

    Wow Caesar really can take a punch. o.0
    If he wasn't a Logia DF user, he probably wouldn't still be alive.
    His Gastille attack was actually cool.
    I wonder what color it will be in the anime.

    Ahahaha, Kinemon finally realized that the dragon he cut down could have been his son.
    But luckily we know that it wasn't. ;p

    I wonder who Usopp was planning to use the sea-prism stone 'cuffs on, hmm...

    And the second half of the chapter is just epic battles! 8D
    Vergo was very intimidating when he went full-body Haki.
    It reminded me of how intimidating Akainu can be.
    But then Law steps up a notch on the bad-*** scale by bifurcating Vergo, and the whole mountain! :O

    Law sort of confirmed what I've heard before, that there'll be a huge war near the end of One Piece that will dwarf the Whitebeard War.

    Originally Posted by Derozio
    Holy crap. Law. That was epic. :O

    But I doubt V's been done with. He'll probably still fight a bit (like Kinemon) even after being cut by Law. :p

    Edit: Coby's a captain right now, if I recall correctly. His rank has been confirmed by film Z. :o
    Oh, and this is Crusher's Creed; feel free to change my name to Derozio in the first post.
    Yeah, Vergo will probably just launch himself around with his arms.
    Unless Law didn't use his DF powers to cut Vergo....

    Ok, I'll change your name on the list.