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Aside from anything I am reflecting on what Ash actually brings to the table. It definitely seems Unova pokes only is what he is going for(obviously Pikachu aside). As of now his team doesn't seem to viable to be a champ.

Pikachu - Pika is fine, obviously seen by its various defeats its issued thus far in the Tournament as well as all the match cliches its had in the gyms in Unova. His record goes without saying when he is on or the writers aren't screwing our little Electric Mouse over.

Unfezant - Some people say well it doesn't get enough development. My question is when does regions every get "development" they get use. I feel that Unfezant well fair just as well as its predecessor birds.

Oshawott - I've never been overly impressed with Oshawott in the realm of battling. Too me it was just a comic side show as a replacement for TR. It too me is Piplup 2.0 as it sure acts like him, and seeing him with Dawn Piplup it convinces me even more. Yes Oshawott learned Hydro Pump, but that really doesn't change much for me since I still seem him as a coward and too egotistical for his own good. I thought all the past Water types Ash used had more battle prowess than Oshawott imo. It also doesn't help that its a stage one, but Squirtle is pretty drag strong as shown in the Battle Frontier.

Pignite -
It's been inconsistent in the past having confidence issues. But after evolving and confronting Shamus I don't really see that as a concern anymore. The concern I have is, where is the Fighting type move? They need to ditch Tackle and give him Arm Thrust or something usable. Again looking back, Infernape was a much better Fire/Fighting at that point, so another reason I don't feel he is as good as opposed to previous opportunities

Snivy - Snivy has seemed pretty consistent, but it cannot rely on Attract ploy to win like early on. Leaf Storm & Leaf Blade are good moves but I feel we need something more. Again Torterra at this point was a better option as well.

Scraggy - Seems to childlike and has not had enough training imo. Still has some qualties Phanphy did as a baby. Scraggy has made progress it just doesn't seem to me that Scraggy had made enough progress honing its skills since hatching early on.

Leavanny - Obviously not enough screen time or development, but judging from what I have seen from its battles Ash can lean on it to get the job done.

Palpitoad - Even less screen time that all the others, kind of hard to say what Palpitoad will do since he has pretty much just been used in Don Tournaments and Gyms.

Boldore - I feel if they evolved him that as a Gigalith he would be a major asset. So if he evolves in the near future than I believe he can make a difference otherwise we haven't see a whole lost since his capture early on. He had that one defining match against Clay and that was his shining moment. Come on show me more please.

Krookodile - He seems to be Ash Powerhouse, but I need to see more out of him as well since his capture was late. He has had some good matches like Bearartic and Dragonite. Given the chance I think he will shine. Its just will his teammates have enough to support him.

From other standpoints I just don't feel confident that Ash will win. He came into Unova too nooby whereas Hoenn and Sinnoh he had some vetness about him. What also concerns me is if Virgil is Top 4 then he faces some random CoTD. I have the feeling Virgil wins regardless if he showcases a new Eevee or not. And please don't have Eevee beat Pikachu, been there done that with Gary at Oaks Lab.

As for Eevee and a new evo seems kind of hard to evolve it mid battle(especially since its never before seen).

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