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I have an update.

Well, just one more gym until the Elite Four first round.

- Boxed Magnemite(level 28) and withdrew Croagunk(level 14).
- Raised him to level 22, beat my rival in front of Ilex Forest, caught and boxed Murkrow(level 17).
- Croagunk was already level 31 before fighting Whitney, so she was a breeze.
- Boxed Croagunk(level 32) and withdrew Murkrow(level 17).
- Trained Murkrow in Ilex Forest 'til he was level 23.
- Beat every trainer on the way to Ekruteak with little trouble(stupid electric users).
- Defeated my Rival, awakened the legendary dogs, caught Duskull, and beat Morty(Murkrow level 34).
- Boxed Murkrow, withdrew Duskull, and trained him to level 27.
- Easily beat every trainer on the way to Cianwood(lighthouse too).
- After beating Chuck with Dusclops(level 38), I boxed him and withdrew Cyndaquil(level 5)
- I trained a looooong time until he was a level 40 Typhlosion.
- I beat Jasmine with spammed Lava Plumes.
- I boxed Typhlosion and withdrew Aron, and trained him to a level 33 Lairon,
- Beat the trainers on Routes 42 and 43, killed Red Gyarados, and destroyed the Rocket Hideout in Mahogany.
- Trained Lairon into a level 44 Aggron, and beat Pryce with spammed Iron Heads.
- I boxed Aggron and withdrew Swablu, and trained it to a level 41 Altaria.
- Beat the Goldenrod takeover with Altaria(level 49) and saved on Route 44.
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