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    Tainted Waters: The Wrath of Suicune


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    "...and although there have been efforts to find the culprits behind the vandalism, they still remain at large so please keep a lookout for any suspicious activity," said Officer Jenny in a serious voice. "We must all work together to make sure that the city of Ecruteak and all of Johto remains as safe as possible. Although we don’t know what the cause for this alarming wild pokemon behavior is yet, we are doing all we can to find out while maintaining safety for everyone and their pokemon. As a precaution, please refrain from traveling through unfamiliar territory alone, and always be on guard. Thank you for listening and I’m sure one of the other Jennies will be back with more safety tips."

    "Yes everyone so remember to be careful! Thank you Officer Jenny and I appreciate you stopping by to give the people the latest news," said DJ Ben. "We will resume the music in a moment but up next we have a special guest, Eusine! He is here now to give us an update regarding the missing Suicune. Welcome to the show, Eusine."

    "Thank you for having me DJ Ben, it's good to be here. Hello everyone out there, I'm here to inform you that the search for Suicune still continues and that I am working around the clock to find it. I have been investigating the last known sightings of Suicune and have looked over many areas but little turned up. Tonight, there will be a ceremony held in honor of Suicune at the Ecruteak City Dance Theatre that I will be attending, and I encourage all supporters to attend if they can," said Eusine. "Also, if there are any sightings or leads concerning Suicune's whereabouts I ask that you report it as soon as possible. Thank you all for your help, I am working as hard as I can and the support is much needed. Goodbye and I'll be back with another update in the future."

    "And there he was with the latest Suicune news, Eusine!" said the DJ in his friendly, echoing radio voice. "Remember everyone, if you would like to show your support for Suicune then head out to the Ecruteak Dance Theatre tonight! Next we'll resume the playback with Pokemon March! Thanks for tuning in and I'm your host, DJ Ben!"

    As the music began to play, Randy removed the headphones from his ears and stuffed them in one of his pockets. He toggled through his pokegear for a moment to close the radio application and then shut it off and put it away, his mind now focused on the radio broadcast he had just heard. There he sat on a bench in the National Park just outside of Goldenrod City, taking a moment to give himself and his pokemon some leisure time while figuring out their next destination. He slightly adjusted the brim of his bucket hat to reduce the glare of the evening sun as he looked around. His pokemon were nearby him enjoying the company of each other and other pokemon in the park. Haxle, Randy’s Fraxure, was busy sharpening his tusks against the steel armored wings of Raptor, his Skarmory. Both pokemon benefitted from this practice, as it improved the condition of Fraxure's tusks as well as the steel armor of Skarmory. Randy often used them both in double battles because they work very well together and are good friends. His other two pokemon, an Electrike named Flash and a young Pansear named Pyro, were both eating berries he gave to them as a treat to satisfy their love of sweets. Under the bench was his Gengar, Spook. The ghost pokemon was sulking lazily in the shadows of the bench.

    “Well I was thinking of maybe going on a trip to Sinnoh soon but after meeting that crazy wild Poliwag and hearing Eusine on the radio, I just have to check out what’s going on. What do you think Spook? Should we head over to Ecruteak and go to the Suicune tribute tonight? We might even run into Morty!” said Randy, leaning forward and peering under the bench.

    “Gar-har-har! Gengar!” chuckled Spook with a mischievous grin.

    “Ecruteak it is then! We’ll head there after we chill in the park for a little while longer you guys, I know you like it here,” Randy said to his team.

    His pokemon were pleased with the announcement and carried on with their fun, enjoying their time in the park. Randy yawned and stretched out a little as he made himself comfortable sitting on the park bench. He enjoyed the gentle breeze that passed over him as he looked up at the sky, becoming lost in thought as he recalled his encounter with the strange wild Poliwag. His curiosity now growing, he was interested to find out more about what was going on and was looking forward to visiting Ecruteak City.


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