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    Great update on Pokemon Zircon,but I would like to point out a few slight errors in these screenshots.If these screenshots are WIP and not official,then oh well,but here goes!

    Error 1:This is obvious;The player must be an inch shorter than Flaire,cuz look at their heads' positions!Totally different height,and since they should be about the same age,I find that a bit abnormal. ._.

    Error 2:What happened to the shadows of Flaire,Professor Peach and the guy beside her?GASP THEY HAVE NO SHADOWS THEY ARE - Barrels. xD Yeah they're pretty much ghosts without a shadow.

    Error 3:Flaire's VS Mugshot is missing her dye of yellow hair in her side bangs and back hair(eh random names for them,kay?I'm no hair specialist).Also,in case you didn't notice,the US VS sign isn't actually supposed to have that dot overlapping the S,only the Japanese one does.But it doesn't really show much,so meh. =P Also(optional error),Flaire's VS Mugshot would actually look better if the VS Sprite wasn't cropped like that,in my opinion.Or you could just slightly crop her lower to draw more of the upper portion of her head...
    So that's all! Lavapho's new sprite kinda reminds me of Tails Doll with that empty creepy emotionless look...Any chance you could change it back to the old sprite?I won't have nightmares then... x0 So yeah that's the end,so bye.
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