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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
Or coal like...three Pokemon you hate. We could have like...a list of various types of presents and then various types of coal and then someone could assign them their six, with three of each.

Favorite Pokemon
Pokemon with your favorite move
Legendary with BST under 600
In-game trade Pokemon
Fossil Pokemon
Least favorite Pokemon
NFE Pokemon
Ugly Pokemon
Pokemon with bad moveset

Something to that nature. That's just what came off the top of my head. I kinda like this one, as people will end up with...interesting teams. XD We're getting closer and closer to December, so this is probably my favorite suggestion and if nothing else comes to mind, I think this would work best. Very simple, plus my Ruby version is free to do a challenge now.
Sounds good to me. Shouldn't gift pokemon be included in the Presents category though? And for Coal...ummm...there prolly should be another option...

Wait, maybe a black colored pokemon? although that doesn't really fit the theme of "bad".

How about pokemon used by the evil gang in your game? Grunts only, so we don't have people using the leader's pokemon, which can be awesome at times.

These aren't the greatest ideas, but they're something
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