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Yeah. Didn't think about any of that until after I made my post. Either way, people are happy that N is going to be animated. It'll be even better if he was involved in the anime directly especially after not showing the two episodes that did have Plasma. But either way I'm pretty excited for it.

But with that said we should leave further discussion of N until later after we find out whether it's a special/after tournament thing that warrants its own thread or if it's a league thing and sticks around here.

Back to the tournament the images for Trips and Ash's second part of the battle came up on Serebii and

wow what a way to win ash. that's what we call luck or whatever. also wow with serperior seriously wrapping Pikachu and causing it to turn purple. and for whoever wanted kotetsu and bianca battle it's in that episode as well.
welcome! may i take your order today?

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