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    Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
    GSC hacks should not be up against R/S/E hacks due to this. Besides, even if they're all the same base, it's still just a popularity contest; not everyone voting knows everything about every hack to make an informed decision. I would have chosen Rose based on graphics too, but I haven't played any and don't know the inner workings, hence why I abstained.

    This is true, it's mostly just a popularity contest yet I still think it should be left as it is. The majority of the rom hacks are of 3rd gen games so if another competition would be made for all hacks excluding those, there wouldn't be many to vote for and the competition would be totally pointless.

    Relating to the word in bold there, is there really a point to this competition in the first place? Most of the ones who vote pick up the one to vote for based on the graphics anyway. We could instead be voting for the hack with the neatest graphical work.

    Originally Posted by DrFuji View Post
    This Hack of the Quarter competition will run to the first of December, so you have until then to vote for your choice. The winning hack's thread will be stickied for three months, until the next competition's winner is announced and it will also be added to PokéCommunity's official ROM Hacking Hall of Fame. The thread's owner will also receive an emblem to go along with their accomplishment. Only those hacks which are in either the Progressing Hacks or the Hacks Showcase forums and have not won Hack of the Month/ Quarter/ Year previously are eligible for nomination.

    Feel free to discuss which hack you voted for and why, but please keep the comments clean. Ready? Go!
    And I just realized something neat related to the main post. What we actually are voting for isn't defined anywhere. It's just "Hack of the Quarter" competition. What does a hack being "Hack of the Quarter" mean? Is it the hack with the most entertaining gameplay? The best storyline, or something else? For now, it's pretty much the one most popular and graphically appealing.

    For the following competitions, I'd recommend making it clearer what you're actually voting for. Also if you take a look at the screenshots of the main post, they're already leading people to vote for Rose! Some of the voters may not play any of the games yet they still vote in the competition. The screenshots taken of Rose Version greatly divide it from the rest, and nicest graphical work is the case here as well.

    What could be done is to not show screenshots of any of the eligible hacks to vote for, or possibly show a little bit but try to place them at the "same level" from the start. That way, the voters would actually have to think for a little while instead of just pushing the "vote for this hack" button there and submit their opinion. This would also lead into the actual players have a bigger meaning in the competition, good implementation beats nice graphics anytime, anywhere.
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