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    Amy's Neighborhood Ruins


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    Chapter One:
    Neighborhood Ruins

    Part Two

    "I guess that sounds alright... Are you sure it's still here though?"Asked Lucy, seemingly neutral about the idea. Amethyst dug through some rubble and pulled out a purple backpack; probably for school, but it's not like people know what that is anymore. She immediately flipped it upside down, and masses of paper, notebooks, binders, and writing utensils fell out of it. She then placed the beanie and diary she'd been carrying into the bag, as well as a few of her favorite dresses, and then returned to the room Lucy was in and filled it with some of her mothers' clothes. She then closed up the backpack and proudly tossed it over her shoulder.

    "That isn't why you came here, was it..?"

    Amy looked up and shook her head in response. "Mm-mm... I wanted to come here to see what my neighborhood looked like..." She looked out at the cul-de-sac. Most of the other buildings were in ruins as well. She continued to examine what was most likely her room, and then screamed (the joyous kind) as she dug something out of the rubble and brushed it off. "My Skitty!!" She returned to Lucy with this giddy excited grin, her arms crossed wrapping around a plushie of a pink cat-like Pokemon. She didn't even say anything. Kid-at-a-candy-store level achieved.

    After some of the initial hyper excitement died down, she walked through the empty doorway of a half-standing wall, to the backyard. Her arms dropped to her sides, the plush toy hanging close to the ground. She fell silent, eyes softened, and slowly walked further to the backyard. She stopped a few feet away from two oddly-shaped rocks... Two tombstones. She slowly lowered herself to sitting on her legs, hugging the plush figure for comfort. Before her, two graves rest. One carrying an infamous name "Sigmund Yula" as well as some very insulting profanity spraypainted over it, and the other only reading "Ava Yu", with a very noticeable chunk of it removed-- or more likely, destroyed.

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