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    Thomas Elias Brown
    A new friend?

    Thomas sighed and leaned against the wall of the bus terminal. Bah, waiting for the greyhound to take him to Florida so he could catch the boat and reach the gym was so annoying! Soon, he was called up and the people examined his ticket, and his Trainer Card. He gazed at them with disdain matched by the look on their faces as Esper sat next to Thomas, his tail flicking.

    "Sir, you have to put your pokemon in it's ball on the trip and store it in your bag."

    Those words made Thomas furious. How dare they copmpare Esper to a piece of luggage! but he played it off as cool as he could and smiled. He would get them to do it right. He was not going to trust anyone to look after his pokemon but himself.

    "I'm sorry. I can't allow that. Esper doesn't respond well to other people handling his ball, even in the bag." he said cooly. Esper, right on cue hissed at a nearby person that had strayed too close."Can I please keep his ball with me?" he added, smiling warmly. He reached down at patted Esper gently. Esper purred and rubbed against his leg.

    "Hm... I'm sorry but those are the rules." the man said, a soft look on his face. He stood up and nodded. "Hm... I'm going on break now. My replacement will be here shortly. Please have your pokemon inside it's ball and in the bag before I return."

    "Ok." Thomas said, sighing a bit as the man walked away. Was... He giving Thomas a chance to hide Esper? Maybe maybe not, but Thomas was going to take it. He pulled the ball off of his belt and returned Esper, pocketing the pokeball. He looked over and spotted another boyy with a leash, tied to an elektrike.

    "We have to do better. When we get on the boat you will learn to listen to me." the boy said, scowling at the pokemon, who growled back defiantly.

    "Electrike!" he growled.Thomas walked over to the other trainer. He didn't like the way he was speaking to his pokemon. Bah, oh well. He would have to do something about it when things weren't as crowded.

    "Hey, wassup?" he asked with a smile.

    "Who are you? Get lost punk!" the boy said. He was a couple of years older, and a lot more sunburned. He spoke with a northern accent. His clothing was slightly torn, like he had been wearring it a while, and he smelled bad. Like he had been sweating a lot. Thomas smirked at him.

    "Why? Mt espeon is way tougher than your elektrike. I bet I could beat you in a battle. But not now. You have to return your pokemon and put the ball away or you can't get on the bus." he said smugly. The boy stood up and glared at him, even though he was shorter.

    "Wanna bet!?" he scowled.

    "Chill dude! We'll battle later! My name is Thomas! I'm heading for the gym. And I will win it." Thomas said soothingly. The boy kept glaring at him.

    "Randy." he said. Soon, both of their tickets were taken and they boarded the bus.
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