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Interesting Challenge idea BinaryPeaches! I would do that, but mehhhh dtoo much looking things up lol. And I have NO free games at them moment :(

As for the Christmas event (if that's what we're going with) I agree with the format you have Sydian, a list of 3 present options and a list of three coal options. (with a bonus that you must use delibird if playing GSC/HGSS) I think we should have a *gift list* of presents (so maybe 6 guidlines for a pokemon you have to use (i.e. 600 BST legendary, pokemon of your favorite type, in game trade etc.) and you pivk three of them for your challenge. For ones like "pokemon of your favorite type" you'd say your type, and the person posting below you would assign you your pokemon based on whuchever *presents* you've chosen. We'd do the same with a list of 6 for the coal, you pick 3 and the person below assigns you your pokemon.

I feel like this way it has more of that gift-giving spirit, (think of the person posting below as your secret santa) and also, who always receives presents that were on the top of their list? ;) I think this adds a bit more fun than assigning your own, and stops you from giving yourself a tangela in BW2 or something for your coal *NFE pokemon.* (since tangela is good already, PLUS eviolite :P) I don't think people would really abuse it, but just in case.

And if you're worried about having to wait for someone to respond, I don't think that will be an issue, as the last event got like 5 posts a day! :D