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Since I don't know too much about anything going on right now seeing as I just started getting back on, this is all incredibly biased, lol.

Thread Awards:

Best Rookie Roleplay:
Last RPA Winner: The Elite Army
★Sword Art Online: Infinity Edition
I took a quick glance at it, and it certainly seemed interesting. Sandbox roleplays are always fun, lol.

Best Veteran Roleplay:
Last RPA Winner: Years of Lies
★Pokemon Odyssey: A New Beginning
It's one of the few roleplays still here since I disappeared, and really the only one that I was in. It's definately a great roleplay, and Supervegeta does a great job with it (and all of the roleplayers, of course!). My next choice would have been The Pokemon Trainer Academy, lol.

Most Original Roleplay:
Last RPA Winner: Litany: A Song of Worlds
Atlantis Arising
Because. Just because, lol. (Is it dead? I think it's dead. xD)
Rika needs some love too! //pfft, I'm still not completely what it's about. xD

Member Awards:

Best Rookie Roleplayer:
Last RPA Winner: Meganium90
★Abstaining, as I don't know any of the newer roleplayers.

Most Improved Roleplayer:
Last RPA Winner: -DeepImpact-
★Abstaining . . . just because I suck at thinking about this one, lol.

Best Game Master:
Last RPA Winner: Skymin & 雷影 イチロ
Well, I can't vote for either of my other top two choices, and Supervegeta definitely does a great job with his roleplays (not many ever manage to finish, but his . . .) so why not? xD

Best Sign-Up Writer:
Last RPA Winner: parallelzero
★Abstaining, because I apparently don't read enough and can't remember from so far back, lol.

Most Helpful Player:
Last RPA Winner: -DeepImpact-
Just because I can, lol.

Best Roleplayer:
Last RPA Winner: Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers
From what I've read recently . . . well, I don't know. There were a few others that seemed like good roleplayers, such as Garet (and all of those weird ones like Skymin, ;P) but Supervegeta is doing great all around at the moment. Plus I'm biased, lol.

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