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    Mt. Coronet

    Bay slowly got to his feet as the sun glared down and him and he felt dizzy. A sense of desperation flowed through him and he knew that there was a good chance that he'd die if someone chose to attack him. He put his weight on his walking stick and immediately fell back as his stick could no longer support his deadweight.

    As a final resort he screamed out loud to the forest that surrounded the entrance to the cave at the top of his lungs. "DOCTOR!" he screeched out into the woods that could be hiding anyone from a thief, merchant or most likely, nobody at all. Bay's eyes hazed up and he rolled on his back, avoiding to irritate his leg any more. He crawled over to a tree and propped his back up to it with a grimace on his face the entire crawl. He looked down at his pats leg afterwards and saw that a small amount of blood was soaking through. This wasn't the first time he had seen his own blood but he knew now that he was in a predicament. Without any civilization, that he knew of, within range he was going to think of a plan but the pain distracted him otherwise. He closed his eyes and eventually dozed off thinking that he'd prefer to sleep it off.

    When Bay felt a sense of consciousness he sat up and immediately noticed that he was in a white room filled with haze. He stared into the fog hoping to see some sort of unique landmark nearby but the entire landscape surrounding him was barren and bland. As soon as this thought crossed his mind he looked down at this leg through the fog and saw a dried blood stain in his pants although it was devoid from all pain. "Am I dead?" Bay questioned himself aloud. As soon as he uttered this, it echoed off and when the echo was outside of his hearing range he tried to stand. As soon as he made any sort of progress he fell back down feeling like a ragdoll. Bay tried this multiple times, falling down then getting back up and he felt weak, naked, and useless. Suddenly
    a figure appeared before him that he recognized as his partner, Flow.

    "Sorry I wasn't able to be there for you." Flow said blatantly.

    "It's okay." Bay replied while looking off in the fog. He had let down his only friend. Since he had died his partner would go along with him to wherever came after dead.
    "I just wished my leg was better so then this wouldn't have happened but I failed you" Bay said turning his head back to his partner. He looked down at once then forced himself to stand and immediately felt pain throb throughout his body. He struggled with all of his strength not to fall and abruptly coughed up blood but didn't let this hinder his progress. He yelled out in pain but to Flow this seemed like a battlecry and it touched him as it was the first time he saw his partner injured
    . Bay was now on his feet halfway to a stand then he stood with a pale face looking at Flow and cried "I'm sorry." He fell to his knees and before he knew it the world sucked away from him.

    Bay awoke abruptly hoping to his feet out of shock. He noticed the lush green forest around him and laughed with joy. He was still alive but where was he earlier? He wasn't dead because he felt pain in that world. Bay concluded it was a dream and immediately felt Flow in his mental presence who was welcomed back but hid that fact he used wish to fix Bay's leg. Bay wondered why his leg was working but eventually brushed it off as a step above a miracle. If there was some superior being out there in this declining world, maybe he was on Bay's side.

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