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    Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
    Well you could just look at the profiles.

    There's a bit filled out in the About Me and a few posts on StarryNight so that shouldn't be difficult, and the other has a few favorite Pokemon to check with.

    Edit: RoamingThroughTheNight and StarryNight have matching IP addresses, but don't match yours, if that helps. But if you've moved since you made them that would explain that.
    Thank you this is exactly what I meant by looking at the accounts.
    The do appear to me be, StarryNight has made a few posts naming my Silver team and that my Gold and Silver died both of which are true of me.
    RoamingThroughTheNight has no posts, was only made a day before StarryNight but does share StarryNight's title and three favorite pokemon which are also accurate. So I assume I came to dislike the name very quickly, that has happened.

    As for my IP not matching no I have not moved since '08 but I have gotten a new computer since, and we have since switched wireless networks, a couple of times actually if memory serves. I think we were still DSL in '08 and we are Cable now. We have also since changed our Cable wireless network(which is how I get it on my laptop) because somehow the first one disappeared from signal. So that's probably why.
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